DLC chairman Harold Ford Jr. debated Markos Moulitsas during today’s Netroots Nation luncheon. Here is my succinct recap of how the debate went. Markos talked about our successes. Harold Ford pointed out that a lot of the candidates that we helped to elect turned around and voted against us on FISA and then said (paraphrasing), ‘these are your people that fucked you over, what are you complaining about?’

Or, in other words, ‘I’m here to make you eat a little shit with your box lunch sandwiches’. It must be said that Harold Ford Jr. has not convinced me that he (or his organization) sincerely wants Barack Obama to win this election. He doesn’t act like he wants Obama to win. When he appears on television (which is far too often) he makes backhanded arguments that undermine our candidate.

Someone will have to post a transcript of Ford’s performance so I can display for you the full flavor of his corporate lackeyness and his dripping contempt for the progressive movement.