The next thing we will inevitably be blamed for is the actions of anarchists who destroy property and then get themselves gassed and fired upon with rubber bullets. Believe me, I’ve followed these anarchists and I know how they act. In September 2005 they went on a rampage in Washington DC during an anti-war rally. I followed them and replaced newspaper dispensers that they had thrown in the street. I thought I might get arrested for trying to clean up after them but the police seemed to understand what I was doing.

I’m agnostic about the best way to do crowd control. But when a group of people are in the midst of destroying property something needs to be done to stop them. These idiots probably are carrying anti-Bush signs which makes them appear to be representatives of the left. They’re not. They are idiots with no respect for anything. I’ve heard disturbing reports about preemptive actions the police are taking against peaceful protesters. But this incident appears to be justified.

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