As one watched the defiant lies emanating from Sara Palin’s mouth to great acclamation from the all white audience at St.Paul, one realized that only by believing in lies can the GOP survive in a nation that has passed it by.In this sense, the group in attendance at the GOP convention resembles the last days of Apartheid South Africa.Each lie that is uttered becomes a support for the lies that have gone before.Because the society at large has become the enemy of the GOP in its values and more’s,it has to be opposed tooth and nail at every opportunity.No reasoned discourse can be permitted.

Another revealing bit to emerge from that convention was Ms.Palin’s remarks about “Community Organizers”.In a litany of code words,Ms.Palin’s derisive reference sent the message to the audience that a black man doing community service work with predominantly black people in the South Side of Chicago is catering to the welfare bums and cheats who exist by sucking the life blood out of the white majority.The thundering ovations attest to the direct impact of that code.That was Reagan Redux,pure and simple,with his image of welfare queens in cadillacs.

Only a total defeat, as in South Africa, will change the mindset of these die hard racists.While they will never mention race, they have become so adept at transmitting code words and images to a willing audience that nothing short of a complete collapse of their world view will make things better.The well has been poisoned too long for it to dissipate the poisons in the water and make it drinkable.

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