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So Lieberman got a cool reception from Senate Democrats yesterday

The motherfucker is lucky I wasn’t there.
THEY… ignored him. THEY… were “disappointed” in him. THEY… have yet to kick his sorry fucking quisling ass out of their goddamned caucus for fear of losing his pathetic vote. As if it matters. As if he’ll hesitate to SELL IT TO THE HIGHEST FUCKING BIDDER ON THE REPUBLICAN TEAM the next time it matters to HIM.

That fucking piece of SHIT. “What am I, a DEMOCRAT, doing at this convention?”

DON’T YOU FUCKING CALL YOURSELF A DEMOCRAT, you fucking piece of shit. You LOST the Democratic primary in your state, remember? So you fucking CALLED yourself an “Independent” and lied to your “friends” — BARACK OBAMA AMONG THEM — to get their support against Ned Lamont, who BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU IN THAT PRIMARY, to snatch back your precious Senate seat.

You worthless fucking piece of shit.


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