Proximity 1 wrote a comment on The Wild Wild Left  regarding my recent post about the Sarah Palin/religious far right connection, Sarah Palin And Her Demon-Possessed Witchunters.

Here it is:

America is close to the edge and close to going over it.  People of good sense had better act and act as though the nation’s survival depended on it because it seems that it may.

And there it is.

America is close to the edge.

Prox pinned it.

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Close to the edge of an apocalypse.

The Palin phenomenon is only a symptom of the problem. But it is indeed a dangerous symptom.

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America is close to the edge and it does not yet seem to be able to truly comprehend that single, salient fact. Religious fanatics are one electoral vote and one beat of an old man’s heart away from the presidency of a country that possesses more destructive power than has ever before existed in the history of mankind. The nation’s economic system is in cardiac arrest and it is only being sustained by makeshift pacemakers installed by political spin doctors that do not really understand how the system works. The economic imperialist system that created and sustained the country’s enormous wealth has broken down despite the ongoing valiant efforts of U.S. armed forces to terrorize previously enslaved countries into continued submission over the past 50+ years. Most of the real, physical work of sustaining the day-to-day infrastructure of the nation is being done by immigrant laborers while the educational and cultural systems that are supposed to produce and maintain a workforce from its so-called middle and working classes have totally broken down. The fuels that have been used to run its machine are only about ten years away from running out and environmental consequences the of sloppy overuse of those fuels are causing disastrous changes in the overall climate, the day-to-day weather and the whole food/water/air ecological system.

Meanwhile, its citizens continue to be fed…and continue to mindlessly consume… the bread-and-circus, dog-and-pony shows of the mainstream media as if everything is A-OK, as if it’ll all work out if we just remain calm and start buying expensive hybrid cars instead of those bad ol’ expensive SUVs, as if electing a representative of the left wing of the right wing instead of one from the right wing of the right wing will make a difference, will solve all of our problems.

Any day now.

Aaaaany day now…

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five pinned it a quarter century ago in The Message . The seriousness of the situation was clear to the scuffling American underclasses long before it began to intrude on the bourgeois dreams of the manager classes.

America has been “close to the edge” for 50 years or more. Majority white America is just now beginning to feel the strain.

<center>The Message

Don’t push me ’cause I’m close to the edge

I’m trying not to lose my head, ah huh-huh-huh ah huh-huh-huh

It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under

It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under

“Ah huh-huh-huh ah huh-huh-huh.”

The laugh that does not mean “Ha ha”.

Bet on it.

The laugh that comes from confronting the real, continuing threat of going under.

“Ah huh-huh-huh ah huh-huh-huh.”

It drives some people over the edge, that kind of ongoing threat. The weak ones. The panicky ones, like Sarah Palin’s compatriots in the speaking-in-tongues, gabble gabble movement. We should not allow their hysteria and fear to excuse them. We should not be saying “Oh, just that’s freedom of religion.” Not when it drives a political agenda we shouldn’t. ESPECIALLY not when it uses words like “Armageddon” and “The Rapture” the way previous political movements used ideas like reform and justice.

This movement is the single most serious internal threat to the people of America today, in my opinion, and it should be opposed at all costs and in every way possible. It is nothing less than the beginnings of an American Taliban. Remember, it was only 80 years ago that the pasty white Puritan underbelly of the first conquerers of America arose in reaction to economic troubles and imposed the disastrous era of Prohibition upon the culture, an imposition of the few upon the many that spawned the even more disastrous spectre of organized crime that has leached some 10% to 20% (if not more) of our GNP right out of our system for nearly a century.

And this group threatens much worse.

It threatens the end of days.

I often find myself saying  “Wake the fuck up” on these leftiness blogs, mostly because the sheepleness/sleepleness quotient of the media-hypnotized American public is only a little less predominant here than it is in other segments of the culture. Well, at the risk of repeating myself once too often, I will say it again.

Wake the fuck up!!!

We are indeed close to the edge.



With everything you’ve got.

Or…go over the edge.

Your choice.

It’s less than one month until D Day.

Decision Day.
DDo we plummet over the edge of the flatland universe into uncharted areas, into place where demons and sea serpents abound?

Or do we pull back, take a good deep breath and try to begin again?

Your choice.

OUR choice.





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