I have an Aunt and Uncle down in Athens, Georgia, and I used to visit them semi-regularly when I was a child. But other than that, my understanding of Georgia is strictly formed by stereotypes and anecdotal evidence from the types of politicians the state produces, like Zell Miller and Newt Gingrich. I’m not very impressed with Saxby Chambliss, either. Sen. Chambliss, you might remember, is the guy that ran advertisements against Max Cleland in 2002 using the images of Usama bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein, suggesting that Cleland didn’t have the balls to defend his country from the bad guys. Max Cleland left three limbs in Vietnam. Saxby Chambliss feigned a football injury and evaded the draft. Saxby Chambliss says things like this:

“We need better intelligence. If we had better intelligence in the Civil War we’d be quoting Jefferson Davis, not Lincoln.”

Let’s be frank. It doesn’t get any more cracker than that. A confident country would shackle such a man and try him for treason. As Lincoln gazes at the Capitol Building from his memorial down the mall, he must wince when he sees Saxby Chambliss and his unreformed separatist attitude strolling about. Sen. Chambliss is just lucky that General Sherman is dead.

There’s no one in Congress, not one person, I’d more like to see suffer the humiliation of defeat than Saxby Chambliss. And two new polls out of Georgia show that the Democratic candidate, Jim Martin, is in a dead-heat with the craptacular Saxby Chambliss. The SurveyUSA poll has Saxby up by a mere 2 percent, while an internal Democratic poll had Martin down by three.

To be honest, this is the first time this race has polled as close at all. It isn’t on anyone’s list of vulnerable seats. But it’s more vulnerable than seats in Maine and Texas and Oklahoma and Nebraska that people have been hard at work on for months.

You can read about Jim Martin on the issues here and you can contribute here. This could be a big upset, and it would make reaching a filibuster-proof 60-seat Senate a whole lot more likely. Take a look and see if you can support Jim Martin. I’d sure like to see Chambliss go down, hard.

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