I am Barry Welsh and I am going to be the next Congressman from Indiana’s 6th District, and yes Indiana is going Blue.  First I want to thank the thousands of early voters that have already voted for us.  Second I want to thank the Obama Campaign for targeting my district and our state.   Thrid, it is only going to get better here and it is pretty good already.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to campaign with singer/songwriter Carol King, Jane Pauley formally with the Today Show, Former First Lady of Indiana Judy OBannon, Co-Chair of the Iraq Study group, Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission, President of the Woodrow Wilson Institute for International Studies, and former Congressman from the old Indiana 9th, and Indiana’s greatest Statesman, the old 9th  is the Southern half of my district, Lee Hamilton, and former Senator Birch Bayh.  In one day, I campaigned with Mrs. OBannon, Lee Hamilton and birch Bayh.  In Southern Indiana when you say Frank, OBannon, Lee Hamilton, or Birch Bayh, angels sing.

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I was with former Senator Birch Bayh for the last five days.  For those that only know him as Evan’s dad, you have some things to learn.  For those in Indiana, you know how big this is for a grassroots campaign.

If you are 18 and about to vote for the first time, you need to thank Birch Bayh.
If you are African American and would have been hurt by Nixon’s appointments to the Supreme Court, you need to thank Birch Bayh.
If you are a female scholar or athlete you need to thank Billie Jean King and Birch Bayh for Title IX, something we take for granted now.

Just a few of many things that could be said about this Giant of our state.  

Senator Birch Bayh is giving The Campaign for Change a little of his time.  The entire month of October to be exact!  He doesn’t have to do that, he believes this is the most important election of his life time, and this man is a Giant, so that is saying something. They are taking me with them when in my district and allowing me a few moments on the stump at each stop, and we have been on the front page of every small town newspaper across the district.    

In this area, when you have the endorsement of Birch Bayh and Lee Hamilton, people just say if he is good enough for them, he is good enough for me.  As a matter of fact, that is what Judy OBannon said.   some pics with more to come.   One final thing to consider about Senator Birch Bayh.  No one since the Founding Fathers has authored more amendments to the Constitution of the United States than Birch Bayh!  From Columbus Paper The Republic

I am getting the help and exposure from the Obama campaign and we are getting the local press we need.   We are getting a tremendous lead built up with early voting and now I need your help.

It’s costs 6 dollars to run one thirty second ad on MSNBC through cable in Anderson Indiana which is the second largest city in the district and run the ad  in non peak hours.  It costs 25 dollars to run a thirty second ad on Fox during prime time( Fox is the most expensive.)  For those that doubt, I have sent Markos the price sheets and he can verify.  That gives you an idea how far we can make dollars go in this district, and we are down to 500 dollars in the account.  The yard signs are bought and 1000 new ones are going up this Saturday alone.  
I need your help with cable and radio buys.  We do the buys ourselves and save the 15% and thus can buy more time.  

Please donate to the campaign.  You will be making a tremendous impact on a race against someone that will be very powerful if we don’t knock him off now and we are positioned to knock Mike Pence out.  He is not even going to see it coming.  He is barely campaigning.  

I am an outsider, I am not hand picked by the state establishment, just the opposite. So I have to depend on the people to help us.  I have spent the past four years on the ground.  We have not been aggressive in fundraising in the district because it is such a poor district and we have let the local candidates fund their campaigns with local money instead of trying to suck it all out, and we have very good relationships with the local candidates across the ticket and across the district because of that.    

Please consider giving 6 dollars and buying a cable ad to help take out Mike Pence or 10 of them, or consider a 25 dollar donation to give us two 30 second radio spots or a 30 sec prime time cable ad.  Please consider asking others to take up this cause as well.  A few thousand dollars is all it takes for a media presence and the more we raise the bigger the presence.  The bigger the presence, the bigger the margin of victory and the less likely Pence ever comes back.  I am asking you to help make that happen.

Here is the text of the 30 second radio spot.  It is positive and targets the swing, undecided, and ticket spliters:

30 second version:

I’m Barry Welsh and I am asking for your vote as I run for United States Congress and I approve this message.

The Economy, Jobs with living wages, Healthcare, Education, Utility Bills, I know those are your struggles, because they are my families struggles as well.  

Visit barrywelsh dot org for real solutions to our real problems.

Its time one of us went to represent all of us.

I want to thank the tens of thousands of you that have already voted for me in early voting and if you haven’t voted yet, I ask for your vote.

Paid for by the Barry Welsh for Congress Committee.


Help us by donating, and by taking a few minutes and asking others to give just a few dollars as well.  Cross post this to other blogs, link to it in other posts, take up this cause as your own for just a few hours and this will grow and be more successful than we might hope. Through the power of many small donors we will make a lasting difference on the political landscape, together we can make that happen.

Thanks for all that you do.

Barry Welsh
Indiana 6th District Candidate for Untied States House of Representatives