apparently, not so well.

given the under-whelming support of the RATpublicans on the stimulus bill, among other rumblings, combined with obama’s cabinet choices, an ongoing cause of much consternation among the people of a more progressive leaning, it just took another hit.

Sen. Gregg Withdraws His Commerce Nomination

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire abruptly withdrew his nomination as commerce secretary Thursday, citing “irresolvable conflicts” with President Barack Obama’s handling of the economic stimulus and 2010 census.

ok, l get the party line bs about the stimulus act, but really, he knew that going in. in fact, he lobbied for the appointment, according to the report:

“Senator Gregg reached out to the President and offered his name for Secretary of Commerce,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement. “He was very clear throughout the interviewing process that despite past disagreements about policies, he would support, embrace, and move forward with the President’s agenda.

“Once it became clear after his nomination that Senator Gregg was not going to be supporting some of President Obama’s key economic priorities, it became necessary for Senator Gregg and the Obama administration to part ways. We regret that he has had a change of heart.”

how polite, couldn’t have had anything to do with this l’m sure. <snicker>

another bite on the outstretched hand. l hope sooner, rather than later, obama and the demoRATs begin to take charge of the situation and tell the RATpublicans to sit down and STFU.