I think some Democrats were surprised to see how much power Rush Limbaugh has now that the Republicans don’t have the White House or majorities in Congress. We’ve seen one Republican officeholder after another apologize to Limbaugh for making small criticisms of his work.

But, the real indicator of Rush’s clout isn’t these apologies…it’s the $750,000 the NRSC just plowed into Norm Coleman’s legal coffers. Some people think the Republicans are blocking Franken for procedural reasons (to block a filibuster-proof Senate majority, for example). They’re not. Franken’s vote is unlikely to be all that decisive. They are spending three-quarters of a million dollars for Norm Coleman’s pointless legal challenges for one simple reason.

Al Franken wrote a book about their leader. And it wasn’t a flattering book. It referred to Herr Limbaugh’s weight. It makes no sense to waste money on Norm Coleman that would be better spent on candidates running for the Senate in 2010. But keeping Rush Limbaugh’s giant-sized ego salved is an expensive and (apparently) critical job.

I have no idea how the NRSC chairman Sen. John Cornyn can explain this expense to big-time Republican donors. But I think every dittohead in the country understands it. Anyone that fucks with Limbaugh is going to get fucked with in return. Even if it wastes $750,000 and sets a bad precedent. It’s Rush Limbaugh über alles with these people.

Pass the OxyContin.

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