So Norm made a statement about Obama’s Supreme Court appointment, tu wit:

“When debating judges, I was firm that I would use the same standard to evaluate judges under a Democrat President as I would a Republican President. Are they intellectually competent, do they have a record of integrity, and most importantly, are they committed to following the Constitution rather than creating new law and policy. When I am re-elected, I intend to review Judge Sotomayor’s record using this process. Certainly, the nomination of a Hispanic woman to the nation’s highest court is something all American’s should applaud.”

Geez. Doesn’t he know that the State Supreme Court comes back with their decision next week and he is going to have to accept Al Franken as Senator (or take it to the SCOTUS – although Pawlenty should have to approve Franken anyway)?

I wonder what medication this asshole is on.

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