From LA to Phoenix Arizona, we have just crossed the Sonoran Desert on horseback and foot.  From Indio to Apache Junction, 310 miles of the toughest desert terrain one will find in the US.
We are resting in Apache Junction and will be here a couple of weeks before heading on to Tucson and Texas. We are now 1/3 of the way across the US on our Ride for Freedom for the Akha people. We continue to spread the word of their needs in Thailand.

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We continue to demand that the Queen of Thailand give back the land of the Akha people and that the missionaries return the Akha children to their villages.

Recently a wealthy American Richard P. Haugland stated in his newletter that he had returned all of the Akha girls he had at his home in Thailand to their villages. We realize that this is related to the fact that people in his wife’s office didn’t know he HAD ANY until we handed out our business cards there in Eugene, Oregon and told staff members what the OTHER half of the family was up to.

We still have many churches and missions to combat on this same issue.

We hope you will visit our websites and publicize the cause of the Akha people.

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