So, as Booman pointed out, the Faildoglake death spiral has begun. Teaming with Grover Norquist, appearing on Fox & Friends, and attacking Bernie Sanders have driven away even her fans.

And, as anyone who reads her writing knows, Hamsher is of the school of thought that says: “never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”

So, expect Hamsher to double-down on her outrageous behavior, sending Faildoglake into a death spiral that circles the drain for good well before the ’10 elections.

It’s happened to Hamsher before.  In Hollywood.  So, my question is, after Hamsher is run out of the netroots on a rail, what awful, negative, libelous things will she say about you in her book about her Faildoglake experiences?  My guess is, people who think they’re her friends will get it worse than people who know they’re her enemies.

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