In Thursday’s (1/4) Open Thread Booman asked the magic question “What the hell was that?” regarding Carly Fiorina’s California Ratpublican gubernatorial primary ad that has come to be known as “The Demon Sheep” ad throughout the media.


That one.

My preliminary answer?

It was brilliant advertising.

My full answer below.

Read on if you are interested.

In winning.
That was great advertising, of course.

Great advertising.

It’ll work, too.

And…count on it…right now hundreds if not thousands of political hustler pros working for all (so-called) parties are analyzing that ad, which I will guarantee cost a great deal more than most (if not all) ads used in primaries.

In the grand spirit of Mae West’s “Call me anything but call me often” and George M. Cohan’s “”I don’t care what you say about me…as long as you spell my name right,” this ad has gotten Ms. Fiorina’s name spelled…right or wrong…all over the country. It is a brilliant piece of political hypnomedia work, and the general leftiness adverse reaction to it is one example of the reasons why the right wins while the left loses here in the U.S. at an approximate ratio of 7 to 3.

Yes…the ad is probably factually full of shit to some degree and things would be better in the U.S. if such shenanigans were to be somehow banned, but that ain’t gonna happen and unless the left finds some morally acceptable tactic to counter this sort of work…you know, like standing up in public and telling the truth with real passion?…then there are two choices left.

1-Become the same as the right. (Already happening, of course. You are how you act.)


2-Lose like a motherfucker. Again.

That “standing up in public and telling the truth with real passion” idea?

Obama is circling ever closer to it, witness his schooling of the Rats last week.

When in doubt…tell the truth.

But that is such a revolutionary approach that it might take years for it to trickle down from on high to the rest of the Democratic Party. Obama doesn’t have “years”, plus he is not doing nearly enough of it.

I wish that his State of the Union address had been so direct that even the rote Dem hand clappers like Nancy Pelosi would have been frozen to their chairs in terror.


But NOOOOoooooo….

He’s too careful to do that.

Which could be his undoing as well as the characteristic that got him where he is today.

Live by the sword, die by the sword?


Of course.

Live by compromise die by compromise as well.

As the samurai master…was it Miyamoto Musashi?…answered when asked about his success as a swordfighter…”Cut, cut and then cut some more.”

Sometimes it’s live by the sword, continue to live by the sword.

I believe that now is one of those times.

We shall see…


“Now’s The time” said Bird 60+ years ago. Listen to it and hear some truth.


Now is still the time, if only jazz listener Obama would get up on the stand and play it from the heart.

What’s that you say?

Bird died young from the stress of alla that truthfulness?



Was it worth it?

I think so.

I guess it’s up to everybody how much of their mortal coil they are willing to spring for.

Go get ’em, brother Obama.

Go get ’em.

Sorry to wish this on you, sir. But ain’t nobody else in position to do it, and it’s gotta get done. Next time the Rats come to power here is “the fire next time.”


Bet on it.