Harry Reid has made these types of pronouncements before only to backtrack, but here you go.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring a sweeping energy and climate bill to the floor as early as the week of July 26, including a controversial cap on emissions from power plants.

The Nevada Democrat told reporters Tuesday following the party’s weekly caucus luncheon that he’s got a “rough draft” in the assembly stage with a goal of introducing the measure before the end of the month.

Reid confirmed that the bill will have four sections: an oil spill response; a clean energy and job creation title; a tax package from the Finance Committee; and a section that deals with greenhouse gas emissions from the electric utility industry.

First they will pass the Wall Street reforms, then they’ll confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, and then they’ll take up the energy bill. If Obama pulls off the trifecta and his poll numbers still suck, there won’t be much left to say.