Mr. Starbursts is confused about why the president chose to attack The Human Suntan today during his speech in Cleveland. Rich Lowry takes this to mean that the president is already resigned to Mr. Boehner being the Speaker of the House next year. But Mr. Lowry isn’t very bright. The reason Obama was blasting Boehner is because Boehner is an idiot who refuses to make any coherent arguments, and he’s the leader of a Know-Nothing party that cannot articulate any positive vision or use any honest reasoning. The president is providing the missing pieces of logic that show the Republican arguments for what they are. And what they are is terrifyingly similar to Sarah Palin’s tweets: rambling nonsense.

The Republicans’ gigantic weakness is that the American people hate them even more than the Democrats. The momentum the Republicans think they have is built entirely on the general apathy of the majority of American voters. There is no support for privatizing Social Security or making Bush’s tax cuts for the rich permanent. There is no nostalgia for Bush. No one wants more war in more countries. People don’t want a government that looks out for big business every single time. The GOP has nothing to be for. They are afraid to even offer a single policy that they think the federal government should pursue, lest their teabagging compatriots burn them in effigy for making the suggestion that the government deserves to live.

The president went after Boehner because he is a paper tiger. He wants to be the leader of the House, but he can’t say why.