Does this show more contempt for the press or the voter?

She is in Las Vegas for some campaign appearances and Reporter Nathan Baca caught up with her just after she landed at McCarran International Airport.

There have been major policy questions that remain unanswered from Angle’s campaign. Voters have seen Angle’s views and ideas on improving Nevada’s economy, but the topics of national security and the role the men and woman at Nellis Air Force Base must play in two wars remain unknown.

We’ve tried to go to her public events and ask, but she won’t answer. We’ve tried to call and email her campaign, but they won’t answer. Now, we’re finding her at the airport, still trying to get answers.

“I think when it comes to major policy issues, the people of Nevada are most concerned about our jobs, our homes and our economy,” she said.

“If you want to be one of 100 U.S. Senators that are deciding on war powers and on ratifying treaties, which is what a Senator has to do, you have to answer these questions,” said Reporter Nathan Baca.

“Well, certainly. And I’ll answer those questions when I’m the Senator,” replied Angle.

We asked Angle further questions about her desire for the United States to quit and leave the United Nations. She refused to answer our questions about that topic, instead saying she “wanted us to help her get out the vote.”

Have we gotten to the point that the press is held in such low regard that a candidate actually benefits by refusing to answer their questions? I hope that the rally today can really restore sanity.

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