Amr Moussa should shut his pie hole. What did the Arab League expect? The second a single missile is fired into Libya he recants his support for action against Gaddafi? I know he’s now a politician who is hoping to lead Egypt, but voters aren’t normally inspired by wishy-washyness. Having lent support for an international effort to stop Gaddafi from massacring his citizens, Amr Moussa can’t take it back. Some of us warned that a no-fly zone wouldn’t accomplish anything and that, once committed, the UN-enforcement powers would fight until Gaddafi is removed from power, no matter how much blood is spilled. If you signed on for a penny, you signed on for a pound. We all need to make the best of it now, even those of us who warned of the dangers. There are no mulligans in war-advocacy. The cause is just here, it’s just the risk/reward ratio that is out of whack. Don’t complain if people’s hair gets a little mussed because that is what you bought when you advocated action. Gaddafi will have to removed from power now, and then someone is going to own Libya, we’re just not sure who that will be, yet.

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