A little Koch told me:

Charles Koch’s Welcome Remarks
Koch Brothers’ 2011 Summer Seminar
Ritz-Carlton Beaver Creek Resort – near Vail, Colorado

But we’ve been talking about — we have Saddam Hussein, this is the Mother of All Wars we’ve got in the next 18 months. For the life or death of this country. So, I’m not going to do this to put any pressure on anyone here, mind you. This is not pressure. But if this makes your heart feel glad and you want to be more forthcoming, then so be it.

What I want to do is recognize not all of our great partners, but those partners who have given more than a billion – a mill-, no, billion – [sustained laughter, applause]. Well, I was thinking of Obama and his billion dollar campaign, so I thought we gotta do better than that. [inaudible] you can’t run on these deals. No, I’m not, I’m gonna go easy on you. More than a million over the last 12 months. If you want to kick in a billion, believe me, we’ll have a special seminar just for you. [laughter]

So you see, Bush couldn’t even get Saddam. Instead he became the President of the Greatest Nation on Earth while Bush and Cheney were looking in spider-holes, torturing people, letting KBR electrocute our troops and allowing someone to steal 12 Billion Dollars off pallets flown to Iraq. On the other hand, Saddam/Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, so maybe it’s a wash.

By the way, check out the Brad Blog audio and transcript of the event in which Charles Koch names 32 people who have contributed One Million Dollars or more anonymously (well not anymore) to defeat Saddam/Obama next year. I guess someone at Koch Bros. Enterprises is a Muslim Fascist Spy. I especially love this bit in which Judge Anthony Napolitano of Fox News tells the Millionaires and Billionaires in the room at the Ritz in Beaver Creek (the more exclusive Colorado resort town) that the Federal Government is out to steal their freedoms:

So what does the government fear the most? I think the government fears fear. I’m afraid the government is going to take the property and the freedom of everybody in this room. The government should fear that we will take its power away from it and put it into the hands of worthy custodians of our freedom.

I wonder who Napolitano considers a “worthy custodian” of our the freedom of Billionaires and Millionaires? The Koch Brothers? His employer, Rupert Murdoch? Rick Perry? Just asking.

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