Once again, political expediency is put ahead of common sense and respect by the Democratic Party.

“Labor has no place to go.” – Chris Hayes

WHAT WOULD Democrats be without labor? Where would they be?

What would the American middle class look like without unions? Before we met, my own husband was in a situation for many years in Nevada where the threat of unionization in the company where he worked solidified his living wage and benefits.

So, why, in the middle of a union fight in Wisconsin, did Pres. Obama decide to not only sidestep the discussion, but stay well away from offering anything but the most perfunctory support?

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Democrats in Wisconsin fielded a candidate against Scott Walker who said he wasn’t a union man. Except that wouldn’t stop the President from making the argument about Gov. Scott Walker’s governorship stripping workers of a path to middle class prosperity by gutting collective bargaining. Pres. Obama’s numbers with blue collar workers aren’t exactly great, so it could have benefited every Democrat. Instead all we got from the leader of the Democratic Party as labor went to battle was one tweet.

As a former UAW member raised in a union family, I am insulted by the Democratic Party’s decision to hold their 2012 convention in an anti-union state.

Weak, very weak.

Our so called congresspeople attending the convention, whooping it up and having a great time (on our dime) while we have around twenty million UNemployed/underemployed people is also an insult and frankly, a disaster.

it proves just how out of touch “our” representatives are.

Happy Labor Day??



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