The political wiseguys in Massachusetts (and yes, I mean “guys”—check out the lack of female political experts quoted in today’s long pre-debate story in the Boston Globe for a good and typical example) have been saying for months now that Elizabeth Warren needs to prove she’s “nice”, and “approachable”, and “can connect” with average voters.  And that she can’t be too “aggressive”, or “preachy”, or “wonky”.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown continues running lots of TV ads featuring his truck, and sscrambles to keep his distance from the Republican Party (partly by never mentioning he’s a Republican).  Brown’s problem comes when interviewers ask him about specific issues and votes, as happened recently on a Boston radio show when Brown reiterated his opposition to retaining current tax rates for the first $250,000 of income if it meant increasing rates on income above $250,000.

Warren’s response?  “Today Scott Brown said he’d vote to raise taxes on hardworking middle class families…. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t want to go to Washington to vote for millionaires and billionaires; I want to fight for small businesses and middle class families. There’s a real choice in this election and you can count on me to fight for middle class families.”

Then she released a new TV ad filmed in a gym with local boxing trainer Art Ramalho talking about what a “fighter” Warren is, while Brown sides with “the big money guys”.  So much for showing her softer side.

Given that she’s climbed ahead of the “most popular politician in the Commonwealth” in recent polls, I’m beginning to think maybe the wiseguys aren’t so wise.

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