I love Texas politicians. I do. They are so easy to mock. Want an example? How about this one?

The Texas state legislature made substantial cuts to family planning funds in 2011, which is estimated to result in almost 24,000 more children born to low-income women in 2014-15 and cost taxpayers $273 million, reported the Texas Tribune.

Now, those numbers are leading some lawmakers to shift their position, although the nonpartisan Legislative Budget Board released similar numbers when the law was being debated in 2011. […]

Republican state Sen. Bob Duell said that the government should not be involved in family planning, “But you have to look at what happens if we don’t.”

What did they expect would happen if they cut family planning funds? That people would stop having sex? Of course, I imagine it’s the increase in “low income women” (i.e., code for Hispanic and African Americans) having more babies that probably has them more freaked out concerned than the extra cost of $273 million to the state fr4om all those unplanned pregnancies.

I’m guessing that the Texas Republicans in the legislature thought getting rid of family planning would reverse the trend of white women having fewer kids. I’d laugh if I wasn’t crying at their stupidity and the resultant misery to which such stupidity consistently leads – more children born into poverty with fewer services and opportunities provided to them and their often young, single-parent families to improve their lives.

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