I don’t watch The View. I never have, and I don’t plan to in the future. But, as I understand it, the show was set up so that Elizabeth Hasselbeck played the role of Alan Colmes, only she was outnumbered 4-1. Is this correct?

If it is, then I am confused about why she is getting fired because people don’t like her and think she is too conservative. I mean, I guess Alan Colmes was able to be amiable enough that his audience at Fox News didn’t hate him. Maybe. But his role wasn’t to be liked, it was to be a punching bag for an audience who disagreed with everything he said.

From the very few video clips I have seen of Hasselbeck over the years, she appeared to be na├»ve and none too intelligent. Maybe that’s a better reason to terminate her contract than that the audience didn’t agree with her views. Because they’ll probably want to replace her with some other foil who is outnumbered 4-1. That’s the formula the audience expects, right?

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