George W. Bush is getting ready to open his library on Mission Accomplished Day, so he’s beginning to talk to the press a little bit. I’ve enjoyed his silence since he left office. I think he should stay silent.

Since he left office, Bush has been a punching bag for Obama, Democrats and even some Republicans. But while he said “nobody likes to be criticized all the time,” he brushed aside the constant pummeling.

“I’m comfortable with what I did,” he said. “I’m comfortable with who I am.”

Bush’s confidants said that’s real talk, too.

O’Neill, the childhood friend, said Bush’s “conscience is clear.” Jim Francis, a Dallas businessman and top Bush campaign fundraiser, said the former president has “been pretty immune to what people say or think about him.”

…He likewise reiterated his support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying that he’s “confident the decisions were made the right way.”

I don’t know what he should say. I would go for “Please don’t lock me up, I’m very sorry.” I’d still lock him up, but I’d consider dropping the enhanced interrogation techniques.

I’m joking, of course. I don’t want to torture the former president. I just wonder why we pretend that he shouldn’t be on trial in the Hague.