“… reminiscent of the Defense Department’s now-dead Total Information Awareness program.”

Cheney was very fond of the program started in Florida as extension of the 2000 election fraud and continued in secrecy with funding by Jeb Bush as governor in Florida.

Carlyle Group Bid for U.S. DataMining Ownership ¶ VNU – LexisNexis – Seisint Inc – MATRIX my diary on Feb. 4, 2006

Someone pinch me, tell me it’s not true ::  VNU will become a private owned company like SAIC
Carlyle Group in bid for VNU Publication Group with ownership of DataMining companies LexisNexis – Seisint Inc.
 ChoicePoint – DBT Online – Voter Purge Florida ’00-’04

From my DailyKos days as creve coeur before being purged from the site as a “conspiracy” theorist …

Feb 28, 2001 — Accenture and Seisint Form Strategic
Alliance to Help Organizations Unlock the Power of Data

New York & Boca Raton, Fla. Business Wire – Feb. 28, 2001
Accenture Ltd. Hamilton – Bermuda, a global management and technology consulting organization, and Seisint Inc., a global information management and technology company, today announced a strategic alliance to develop solutions for Global 1000 companies to help them to dramatically improve business performance by using data at a speed, scale and cost effectiveness that was previously unattainable.

US Corporations & Elections Timeline:

2000 Halliburton & SAIC contract | Accenture & Microsoft contract | Paul S Cameron of Accenture becomes director at Seisint, Boca Raton Fla. | Partnership with DBT Online |
 Florida – Hank Asher DBT Inc. – ChoicePoint Inc. – Seisint Inc. [MATRIX & FACTS]
 Florida State – Katherine Harris – DBT & voter purge

2001 ACCENTURE gets $69m contract State of Florida [DBPR & STO] | A $1bn deal between HALLIBURTON with ACCENTURE |

2002 MATRIX $12m pilot project Florida State FDLE for ACCENTURE & SEISINT | ENRON Lawsuits Settlements, liability for Accenture Ltd. Bermuda ends |

2003 Cheney visit with Jeb Bush on SEISINT | ACCENTURE buys election.com Pentagon SERVE project on e-Vote | SEISINT’s FACTSTM  Report MATRIX Project – 18 months study | FLORIDA IIR & FDLE $69m contract with SEISINT for FACTSTM — Super computer and Data Base proprietary of SEISINT in Boca Raton, Fla.  

 « (Photo/ Alex Brandon — AP)
John Poindexter, a former national security adviser, brought the idea for the
Terrorism Information Awareness surveillance system to the Pentagon.

2004 US Gov’t DHS sign a $18bn contract with ACCENTURE for INS US-VISIT program | ACCENTURE Ltd $2m contract in Florida to purge voter registration lists.  

This comment with mojo was lost in ask’s deleted diary which covered the issue of “Total Information Awareness – How Quaint”. No cached version could be found, some info still available in a previous diary by superpole – Wired’s Expose on Massive New Spy Center in Utah.

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