In a comment on his article It Happened So Fast regarding the Zimmerman/Martin situation, Booman wrote:

On an emotional level, I’d like to see a conviction for Second Degree murder.  But what I really want is a just verdict, and when I say ‘just,’ I mean just based on the evidence at trial and the jury instructions.  So, for example, if the prosecution cannot prove that Zimmerman reacted with malice, rather than just as an overreaction to losing a fight to skinny 16 year old kid, then he deserves to be acquitted of Second Degree murder because the charge requires a finding of malice.

There will be no “just” verdict in this mess of a case, Booman.

Why? How?

Read on.
Just for starters, the lawyers on both sides of the case are full of shit. That’s their job…to lie well enough to win their case, and may the best liars win. That is what our “justice” system has become. A contention of lies and professional liars. But beyond that, even if Zimmerman was to be conclusively proven innocent by a suddenly found video of the whole thing, he would still have to be convicted on some identifiably serious level. Why? Because if he is not convicted the PermaGov fears riots in the inner cities, that’s why. These are not empty fears, either. Not by a long shot. The packrat media found a profitable jewel in this situation over a year ago and the impact of the concomitant hype…pro or con whichever side…cannot now be diminished. Nor could Zimmerman be successfully prosecuted for second degree murder, I think. Why? Because the white wing’s…errrr, aahhhh…right wing’s white supremacists (closeted or not) already wield too much political power and the PermaGov does not want to give them any more than they already possess. It’d be bad for business, don’tcha know. Gotta keep them shit-workers happy, no matter what race they might be.

So here’s how your “justice” is going to work out…by parsing the various truths of the matter.

Here are those truths.

You have:

#1-A (somewhat justifiably) paranoid whiteish middle/working class suburban dweller who is carrying a gun while patrolling his neighborhood in hopes of protecting said neighborhood from the depredations of (mostly young and black) petty thieves that are preying on the area because:

   a-The police aren’t doing their job well enough.


   b-The entire culture isn’t providing an environment that manages to adequately socialize and educate ghettoized, economically challenged youth of any race. And I mean any race. In the hinterlands of Maine, for instance…an area where I have extensive contacts among the working class including several cops…there is exactly the same amount of crime of this sort only it is committed by economically challenged working-class white youth. Same crime, same problem. They’re not being well socialized or educated either. I mean…if they were, who’d clean the shithouse? (A quote from Lenny Bruce, long ago and far away.) Gotta keep a certain percentage of the population (regardless of race) poor enough so’s they’ll do the shitwork, up to and including serving in the empire’s far-flung wars. A draft? We already have one, only it is economically imposed.


#2-A young black man…a product of those lousy educational and cultural apparati who has bought into the “thug-look” thing to some degree and also has a no doubt justifiable chip on his own shoulder regarding white people in general.

They meet on a street at night in a racially mixed, gated neighborhood. Things go wrong and the kid dies. After that it’s cover-your-ass time, first as individuals and then escalating into police investigations, media blown-up-for-profit noise and at a certain point in the escalation a PermaGov…bet on it….involvement in the name of “keeping the peace” in this already beleaguered center of empire. (“Keeping the peace.” Read: “Whatever needs to be done to keep the empire on a fairly even keel domestically so as to allow said empire to continue to wage economic imperialist wars in the name of cheap oil.” Bet on that as well.)

I do not know what contacts will be made to the major players from above, but one way or another I am sure that they will be informed…prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, cops, the works…that it’s time to parse justice once again in the name of keeping the peace.


No matter what they call it…innocent, guilty or anywhere in between…Zimmerman is going to spend some time in prison. Probably a so-called “safe” prison and at least long enough for the twin threats of domestic unrest and/or electoral backlash to back off.



P.S. Booman wrote:

But what I really want is a just verdict, and when I say ‘just,’ I mean just based on the evidence at trial and the jury instructions.



In the Empire?



If there was any “justice” left in this system people like Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney would have been publicly hanged on D.C.’s National Mall long ago.



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