The least dishonest answer James Clapper could give, just a little bit of perjury. Is that a crime in the US? Will Obama keep him in his Job? Perhaps a good moment to retire to Dubai, UAE? Who’s a traitor to America’s national interest?

DNI Clapper Apologised to Congress for Erroneous Answer

(US News & World Report) – National Intelligence Director James Clapper apologised for telling Congress in March that the NSA did not have a policy of gathering data on millions of Americans. He said in a letter to Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate intelligence committee, that his answer had been “clearly erroneous”.

Director James Clapper appeared before the committee in March, where Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked him specifically if NSA spies on millions of Americans. Clapper answered, “No.”

Spy Chief Says Taps Analyzed Only for ‘Reasonable Suspicion’

Egypt, Syria and parts of the world are on fire, can we locate Barack Obama .. on a golf course like Ike, perhaps on a ranch in Midland Texas, well you are close – President and First Lady honor George and  Laura Bush in Tanzania.

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A nice read how Evo Morales’ private jet was pirated above Europe and forced to land in Austria! US allies are true friends who know all about rendition – don’t tell it’s illegal and TOP SECRET. Obama is expanding executive secrecy, doesn’t like whistleblowers and is perpetuating Bush’s War on Terror, but we won’t call it by its name anymore.
See Marie2’s diary – Bully On the Block – Update3.

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In Tanzania, Obama, Bush lay wreath for 1998 bombing victims

Suspected War Criminal Bush Blasts Snowden, Defends NSA Programs He Put In Place ‘Civil Liberties Were Guaranteed’
to defend the nation. Obama will deal with it. Historians will decide, I won’t be around then. Thanks for asking.
Suspected War Criminal Dick Cheney: Snowden’s ‘A TRAITOR’ – Interview

Michelle Obama meets Laura Bush and talk about their Passions

President Obama Holds a Town Hall with Young African Leaders

President Obama Speaks at the University of Cape Town – VIDEO

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