— but it was a secret —

Bradley Manning is being tried for aiding the enemy along with other charges like stealing and disseminating classified communications and the “Collateral Damage” video.  IOW he stole secrets.

Julian Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to except either the long-arm of Swedish law or the US for releasing US secret classified State Dept. cables and the “Collateral Damage” video.

Edward Snowden is stuck at the Moscow airport to avoid US authorities for his theft and release of NSA secrets.  And aiding the enemy.

We have secret drone strikes.  And President Obama has a secret kill list.  We’re assured that no drones will be used in the US to kill an American.  And the NSA isn’t listening to or reading any of the content in its dragnet of non-terrorist American communications.  Or maybe they mean as long as it doesn’t pertain to “the enemy.”  

And the enemy is?  Ta-da!  That’s Classified as reported by ProPublica.

At a hearing in May, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., asked the Defense Department to provide him with a current list of Al Qaeda affiliates.

The Pentagon responded – but Levin’s office told ProPublica they aren’t allowed to share it. Kathleen Long, a spokeswoman for Levin, would say only that the department’s “answer included the information requested.”

A Pentagon spokesman told ProPublica that revealing such a list could cause “serious damage to national security.”

“Because elements that might be considered `associated forces’ can build credibility by being listed as such by the United States, we have classified the list,” said the spokesman, Lt. Col. Jim Gregory. “We cannot afford to inflate these organizations that rely on violent extremist ideology to strengthen their ranks.”

Will Bradley Manning be convicted of “aiding the enemy” because the enemy is a secret?  Dark days ahead or are here.


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