Though I’m not happy with the outcome of the Yalta Conference – Stalin-Churchill-Roosevelt(ill) – in 1945, looking at the stalemate and massacre of civilians across the region, this may be next best.

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The Western nations are supporting Cold War policy of the old colonial powers in searching for their solution to the crisis across the states from Tunisia to Syria and Baghdad, Iraq. Carving up this part of the world has been a root cause for recent sectarian wars and irreconciliation between states. Taking out a dictator like Ceaucescu and Yugoslavia’s Tito leads to sectarian war, genocide and settling old feuds.

In the Middle-East one sees the meddling of foreign states in domestic issues of sovereign nations. The role of the United Nations has been rolled back due to the post-WWII arraignment of six powerful nations with veto power. Just as US Congress lacks performance and a US Constitution with outdated vision on Human Rights, the UN should do a makeover fitting the modern world where the heart has moved outside New York towards the Far East. Although I have my doubts about PM Erdogan, perhaps Istanbul in Turkey could take over the role of New York for the United Nations. Just a thought, many Republicans would gladly see the UN building destroyed in their homeland.

Returning to the essence of my diary, it’s time to reshuffle the states of the Ottoman Empire. Starting with the Kurds, they should be granted their independent state Kurdistan across parts of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. It’s a homogenous people who have fought for decades and are doing a great job in Northern Iraq. Lebanon has been restructered along their fragmented cantons with special arrengements in the constitution so that all minoritues have a voice. I’m afraid Assad’s Syria will undergo the same process and will be carved up into three cantons as we can conclude today’s military frontlines. The slaughter of civilians must stop, so a political solution is the only viable option as John Kerry has declared so often. Russia is willing to cooperate once the US recognizes Russia as equal partner. France and the Brits should butt out as they have too much blood on their hands throughout their colonies. See my recent diaries about the French African Connection and the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in the 1950s. The mess created in Palestine, Syria and Iraq is a result of the British empire folding and leaving a crafted puzzle of nations with a future of agression and war.

The Western nations and the United States should reconcile with the people of Iran, Persia for the colonists. This is a great nation of well educated people who have been manhandled by the British (British Petroleum) and the United States (Seven Sisters) with the overthrow of a democratic PM Mossadegh in 1953. The reign of the Shah was supported by the CIA and Mossad who trained the SAVAK secret service. It’s time for the US and Western powers to make amends. This won’t be easy as Iran has allied itself with the Alawites in Syria and Hezbollah in South Lebanon and Beirut. King Abdullah’s Jordan would likely remain intact and should be part of a deal between Israel and the Palestinian people for their own independent state. The Palestinian refugees have fled across borders but stayed close to their home country in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It’s clear the massive Syrian refugees pose a real problem for the UNHCR to solve. The best bet is for the hostilities to end between all foreign factions fighting Assad’s forces and each other. The Al Nusra Front have started to massacre the Kurds living in North-East Syria and in recent days 30,000 Syrians fled across to border in the Kurdish Iraq and not Turkey!

The difficulties to establish a democracy in Egypt has also a root cause in influence by Salafists/Saudi Arabia/UAE/Kuwait- and Muslim Brotherhood – Qatar/Turkey

Perhaps the the negotiations should take place in Baghdad, Iraq and lend it’s name as the “Baghdad Conference” for world peace in the Middle-East. All regional players should be invited and forced to build a new United Arab States of the Middle-East. The religious differences should not be played out across international borders but should remain domestic. New nations need to be build on strict secular principles of Human Rights and all minorities should be part of a democratic proces where the constitution guarantees the representation of minorities in parliament and in the executive. Similar to the proces of reconciliation in Lebanon after their Civil War in the 1970-80s.

After an agreement has been signed, all sovereign nations should guarantee the new frontier borders and if needed with support from UN Forces selected with full military power to keep the peace.

I see momentarily no other option but for world leaders to step up to the plate, get away from underneath their glass domes and talk peace in Baghdad. Security can’t be guaranteed, serves you right as that is what millions of innocent people and refugees experience daily with great suffering, wounded and loss of lives. Is someone listening out there?

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