The DCCC continues to out-raise the NRCC despite the fact that the Republicans have considerably more seats and that it’s easier for the GOP to collect large donations. This isn’t a bad development, but I’d caution against reading too much into it. Much of the money funding the right is going into PACs and Super PACs rather than straight into the party’s coffers. Also, they don’t have a president to do fundraisers for them.

I think, rather than seeing this as some kind of advantage for the Democrats, we should view it as indicating other things. For example, the Democrats as a whole have more confidence and faith in their party leadership than the Republican base has in their leadership. The Dems are less fractured.

Also, and relatedly, the GOP donor class is more interested than the Dem donor class is running their own show. They’ve learned not only from the party’s past poor performance but also from entrusting their money to ineffectual insiders like Karl Rove.

I don’t think the left is out-raising the right, but they’re doing better at raising money through the traditional channels.

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