h/t Fran @MoA  – she provided the link to this story here and also here. Of course it got no coverage in the western media of anti-Russian propaganda. Here is a news source from Estonia …

Politsei kaitseb veterane Sinimägedel [Police will protect veterans Sinimägedel]

Ida-Virumaal avati Sinimägede muuseum – 2008 [Ida-Viru County Museum opened in the Blue Mountains – 2008]

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Source: Vaivara Sinimägede Muuseum on the border of civilization.

In the Shadow of the Bronze Soldier

In May, 2007, I wrote a paper on the nostalgia for the Nazi-era collaborators in the Baltic States, especially as manifested in Estonia by the ex-prime minister, revisionist historian and Milton Friedman prize-winner, Mart Laar. [Interesting representation on the selection committe for the award: i.a. Anne Applebaum. Damn, she gets around between the Orange Revolution and marrying Polands neocon FM Radek Sikorski. He became British citizen and war correspondent in Angola and Afghanistan (1986-89) reporting from the partizan side.  – Oui]

Since Mr Laar acts as an adviser to the Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, as well as a propagandist on his behalf in the American media, it seemed appropriate to republish the paper, In the Shadow of the Bronze Soldier: Estonia Removes Red Army Memorials and Restores SS Graves.

Mr Saakashvili’s racist rhetoric about Russians as a race of “barbarians” has filled the airwaves in the West. It is not surprising Saakashvili’s Georgia has imitated Estonia in building an occupation museum recalling “Russian occupation” under Stalin-Djugashvili, Ordzhonikidze, Enukidze, Beria and many other “Russians” presumably operating under Georgian aliases! (Sadly, the museum is routinely closed during the power-cuts which plagued Tbilisi before the current crisis.)

Georgia also imitated the “freedom-loving” Baltic States by broadcasting TV documentaries sympathetic to the few Georgian Waffen SS collaborators who fought to defend their country from Soviet occupation in Holland in 1945 just as Dutch, Belgian and Scandinavian “volunteers” defended their homelands in Estonia in 1944.

In reality, many Balts resisted the Nazis as did so many Georgians, but in the New World Order their service to the defeat of Hitler is at best ignored but at worst and increasingly it is denounced as treason to the New Europe, whose leaders assembled alongside Mr Saakashvili in Tbilisi included the American-Lithuanian President, Valdas Adamkus [complicit in CIA rendition and black sites– Oui], who has the distinction of being the last European head of state to have fought in the Second World War – in German uniform.

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The Bronze Soldier at the foot of Tõnismägi in central Tallinn, which allegedly contains the ashes of fallen Soviet soldiers, was erected in 1947 (formerly with an eternal flame burning in front of the memorial). It became the concourse for the annual meetings of Red Army veterans on May 9 and September 22 (that is, on "Victory Day" and on the "Day of the Liberation of Tallinn from Fascism").

Controversy over the Bronze Soldier memorial and burial site in Talinn, Estonia

Its aftermath – Echoes of the Bronze Night.

    “Their goal was to sweep away all traces of the
     ‘former world,’ starting by destroying monuments…”

      Mart Laar

[About the author Prof. Mark Almond: He is a Lecturer in Modern History at Oriel College, Oxford and at Bilkent University in Turkey. Mark Almond writes for The Guardian, in 2004 his article: “The price of People Power”. He is the author of Revolution: 500 Years of Struggle for Change (1996).]  

Fighting from the Forest for Freedom

Simon Wiesenthal Center accuses Lithuania of glorifying pro-Nazi leader

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SWC accuses Lithuania of glorifying pro-Nazi leader

(Times of Israel) Feb. 28, 2014 – The Simon Wiesenthal Center accused the Lithuanian government of facilitating the glorification of Holocaust-era war criminals.

The accusation followed a march earlier this month by nationalists in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, also known as Kovno. The marchers carried portraits of the pro-Nazi former ruler Juozas Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis. His government helped German troops send 30,000 Jews to their deaths. The marchers on Feb. 16 also carried signs reading: “Lithuania for Lithuanians.”  

Efraim Zuroff of the center’s Israel office told JTA that attendance at the annual Feb. 16 ultra-nationalist march increased dramatically after Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis’ reburial in Kaunas in 2012, which was financed by the Lithuanian government. His remains were previously interred in Putnam, Conn., in the United States.

“Last year there were 600 participants in this march. This year there were 1,000,” Zuroff said. “This is a direct consequence of the government’s complicity in his glorification.”

Zuroff was in Kaunas to protest the rally with Dovid Katz, a Vilnius-based American Jewish academic who is part of the Lithuanian Holocaust remembrance Defending History group. Several dozen anti-fascist demonstrators also came to protest the march.

Hard to find other sources about this event in my limited time to search for clues. This article was published by The Moscow Times [ownership Dutch national Derek Sauer] and the St. Petersburg Times via Interfax.

Tensions Flare Up Over Soviet Memorial by David Nowak, Staff Writer

MOSCOW — Russian lawmakers launched a scathing attack against the Estonian government’s plans to relocate Soviet soldiers’ graves and a monument to the Red Army in downtown Tallinn.

“Estonia is meddling with victims and memorials. This is a historic mistake,” Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov said after the upper house voted unanimously in favor of a resolution condemning the relocation, Interfax reported.

In its resolution, addressed to the governments of all former Soviet republics and European countries the Federation Council called a law permitting the relocation of military graves “an attempt to legalize fascism.”

“This will obviously lead to … the further alienation of the peoples of Russia and Estonia,” the resolution stated.

Lawmakers were not alone in blasting Estonia’s intention to move the graves and a Soviet-era bronze statue of a Red Army soldier that hails the Red Army as liberators of Estonia from German occupation. On Manezh Square, hundreds of members of the United Russia party and the pro-Kremlin youth organizations Young Russia and Nashi protested the proposed move.

“The removal of the memorial amounts to the destruction of the memory of the liberators,” Nashi spokeswoman Anastasia Suslova said. Suslova said that if the statue were removed, a member of Nashi would stand in place of the statue as “a living monument to the liberator.”

In Tallinn on Wednesday, the Estonian parliament considered a bill on the “removal of forbidden structures,” which would have given authorities the right to move the Red Army statue, where many people gather to celebrate Victory Day each year.

Raivo Jarvi, a member and acting spokesman of the Estonian Reform Party, said by telephone that the bill would also ban “structures that glorify the occupation of the Republic of Estonia,” such as the Red Army statue. Jarvi insisted the statue would not be destroyed, however, but moved to a Soviet-era seaside military cemetery. “People are offended by the presence of the monument in the center of the city.”

Baltic Times: Diplomatic battle rages on over Bronze Soldier – May 2007

Déjà vu – Deep depression, return of fascism/nationalism, collaboration, covert action, and rise of anti-socialism/communism. The United States with right-wing policy in Washington DC, corporate power, financial corruption and a greater income divide. It resembles the years of the 1930s with a Joe Kennedy and Prescott Bush all over again.

The Nazi past of Eastern European states  gets exploited which endangers future freedom and independence of all Europeans. A great war is looming.

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