How many times can Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, be wrong? Apparently the GOP is willing to give this clown another pass:

The state Supreme Court Thursday ordered him to strike Democrat Chad Taylor from the November ballot for U.S. Senate, ruling Taylor had complied with state law allowing a candidate to withdraw.

Just a few minutes later, Kobach — a Republican — said he’ll tell the Kansas Democratic party to pick a replacement by noon Sept. 26.

All of this in a bid to weasel incumbent Senator Pat Roberts in to another term.

The thing that amuses me the most, is just how many times Kris Kobach has had his extremist ALEC-incubated directives overturned. He is a well-known chupacabra in the migrant rights movement because of his involvement with the Hazelton, Pennsylvania outrage and SB1070 in Arizona. His efforts almost always end with egg all over the face of his allies.

The towns that passed nativist laws in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas and Nebraska, along with the state of Arizona, have spent millions of dollars to defend them in court, and almost every judicial decision so far has gone against them. One community, faced with skyrocketing legal costs, had to raise property taxes, and another was forced to cut personnel and special events and even outsource its library.

That was just the beginning. The four towns and one state examined in this report all saw a crisis in race relations as conflicts between Latino immigrants and mostly white natives escalated. Latinos reported being threatened, shot at, subjected to racial taunts and more. Police are having trouble getting cooperation from any in their Latino communities. Pro-immigrant activists have been threatened with notes that promise to “shed blood” to “take back” communities. The mayor of one town had his house vandalized after opposing a proposed law and was warned by federal agents to be careful; he ended up retiring after four terms in office. Angry protests and counter-protests, along with dangerously rising tensions, have rocked one town after another. In some communities, business districts have largely collapsed.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The modern GOP working toward a society that has drowned in Grover Norquist’s bathtub? Sounds about right.

November will show if Kansas has finally had enough of Kobach and his ideology’s losing strategy.