PM Bibi Netanyahu following the Zionist dream of his father, except through his own strict interpretation of Scriptures, the Torah. The ilks of Netanyahu and his brethren the Orthodox Jews and Kahanist settler crowd endangers the very existence of Jews in the State of Israel. No I’m not Charlie, nor is he. No, I don’t have the same moral principles nor Israel’s interpretation of democracy and liberal society. If the US population and their representatives in the White House and US Congress believe they have the same morals as Israel, that’s too bad for what once was a beacon of the Free World for immigrants crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Times have changed and Empires do come tumbling down. As time passes, Israel is becoming a rogue state and more isolated except for the US security state and the Evangelists for their own self-interest of the Messiah returning to Jerusalem with the conversion of the Lost Tribes of Judea.

Homeland Security and the promotion of Islamophobia

@Tikun Olam Richard Silverstein wrote this article – Israeli Ambassador to Sweden’s Islamophobic Facebook Post.

Israeli ambassador Isaac Bachman published a profoundly Islamophobic Facebook post (Haaretz Hebrew coverage) which I read thanks to Max Blumenthal and Dima S.  He’s now deleted the post and replaced it with a mealy-mouthed “explanation” claiming his original post wasn’t directed against all Muslims (it was) but only against Muslim terrorists.

To be clear, this isn’t quite as bad as the foul, noxious hasbara hate emanating from Israel’s Dublin embassy.  It’s not as flamboyant as that.  But in its own way, it comes close to the Tinari-Modai “product” for anti-Muslim prejudice.

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Israel's ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman posted on Facebook

The opening section of his post repeats the stale claim of Islamophobes world-wide that the vast majority of terror in the world is Islamist.  That, of course, discounts thousands of other acts of terror by religious, nationalist groups who are not Muslim.  Among them, the IRA, Israeli settlers, anti-Castro Cubans, Uighurs, Hindu nationalists, Sikh assassins, not to mention numerous examples of state-sponsored terror from the U.S. to Israel to Russia.

What very long islamophobic status did the Israeli ambassador write you ask. Voilà Any other country done this..?

From a pro-Israel blogger Ariel, even he concedes:

    “Extremely poor post by an Israeli official. Kind of embarrassing.
     Obviously he was at the bottom of his class during Hasbara training camp.”

The story doesn’t end there, nor did the Islamophobic rant originate with the Israeli official to Sweden. There is a booming Homeland Security business eminating from the Holy Land ever since the 9/11 attacks on the States.

Posted this comment earlier in article: Bibi: Il N’est Pas Charlie after I read your tweet. Below likely the source of Amb. Isaac Bachman’s Facebook post.

IsraelAmerica by Marc Kahlberg

The Trouble With Islam posted Jan. 10, 2015

    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim …….
    Islamic terror who do they blame? Not Islam not their leadership Not themselves … They blame others!

Credentials of Marc Kahlberg

Continued below the fold …

Credentials of Marc Kahlberg …

Credentials of Marc Kahlberg …

“Marc Kahlberg has spent several years, both as an active Police Officer [and unit Commander in the Israel Police] and more recently in the private sector, hosting a unique security related ‘Experience Israel’ – ‘training while you tour’ program. This program offers exclusive opportunities, taking you behind the scenes and affording you the opportunity to see the most modern and updated security technology used to keep Israel safe. Marc is highly decorated and well respected throughout the police community, he has instructed around the globe as well as in Israel. As such, he has personal high-level contacts in Israel that will allow you to take advantage of unique networking opportunities within the agenda of the program.

Learn the “real-deal” from the men and women who live it every day. We will take you into the “Eye of the Storm”, an exclusive learning tour into the heart of Hebron. You will have the opportunity to see first- hand how the police there are dealing with a daily volatile situation. You will feel the adrenalin, but be completely safe and will be the guests of the Israeli Police Commander. This opportunity is unique and not to be missed!”

Next time, perhaps the Israeli Border Police will let the graduates to participate in the shooting gallery, picking off a few Arab kids!

PS From the linked article Homeland Security Made in Israel it appears MK offer training to US policed officers. Nice, an Islamophobe training US police and security officers. More violence allowed by BLUE!

Marc Kahlberg is an Israeli citizen with business connections to South Africa and the US (Florida), he isn’t a small fish in the lovely state of Israel …

CEO SCAI Security Consulting and Advanced Implementations

Marc was the Israel Police Spokesman for the Foreign Press and VIP Journalists including amongst others The New York Times, CNN and the Wall Street Journal during Israel’s Disengagement Process. Since 2001 Marc has been consulting, lecturing and teaching in the methods of Counter-Terrorism to many National and International agencies such as the New York Police Department, Connecticut State wide Anti-Terrorism task force, Florida Sheriffs Department, the Spanish Anti-Terror Unit, United States Counter Terrorism Bureau and United States Congressmen aids and advisors.

In 2002 Marc was honored by the Israel Minister of Police and the Israel Police Chief for his innovation in preparing and implementing the “Kahlberg Plan,” a secure zone concept in the Netanya Business and Tourist districts to reduce crime.

Marc together with Jim Gort from Florida USA created one of the most successful Counter Terror Training Schools located in Israel.

Marc endorsed Kaufman for Congress in the Florida election. A nice line-up of “stars” …
Bob Dornan, Doug Giles, Frank Gaffney, Gerardo Feterman, Herman Cain, Jackie Mason, Joe Citizen, John Bolton, Joyce Kaufman, Marc Kahlberg, Newt Gingrich, Rev. O’Neal Dozier, Robert Spencer, Sharron Angle, Rick Santorum, Kenneth Blackwell, Dr. Carlos Campo, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Foster Freiss, Americans for Legal Immigration, Larry Klayman.

Marc Kahlberg, creating excellent business opportunities …  
Behind The Scenes Counter-Terrorism Training
Brian J. Smith MK International Security Consulting

Shin Bet Manhandled French PM Valls in Grand Synagogue, Bibi Insulted French Jewish Leadership

Maariv today published an astonishing story.  Anyone reading this blog is used to the brutishness of the Shin Bet.  But usually it’s reserved for Palestinians, Arab journalists, and air travelers with Arab “racial” profiles.  We would never expect it to be meted out to the elected leader of a country that is an Israeli ally.

On the day of the memorial service for those slain in the kosher supermarket attack, Prime Minister Manuel Valls sought to take his seat in the synagogue with the President, Francois Hollande and Israel’s leader, Bibi Netanyahu.  As he approached his seat, his path was blocked by a Shin Bet agent who refused to allow him to pass until Netanyahu had taken his own seat.  According to Valls, the agent grabbed his arm and forced him to wait until the Israeli had seated himself.

Valls shouted at him in French and English:

    “You don’t make the rules here. You provide
     security for the prime minister of Israel, that is all.”

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French prime minister in paris grand synagogue Netanyahu, Hollande and Valls, after he was manhandled by Shin Bet goons (Le Pointe)

The Israeli ambassador to France apologized for the encounter.

Bibi’s Insult to France

Bibi: Il N’est Pas Charlie

Bibi isn’t Charlie, neither am I.  Neither are most of the world leaders seen in that photo op supposedly linking arms for free speech in the face of the nasty ‘Islamist horde.’ I would have no problem if Charlie and his supporters made this about the scourge of terror.  The massacre of the French magazine artists and the patrons of the Jewish market was a horrible crime all right-minded people must oppose.

But once you turn this into a campaign for free speech, then it gets a lot more complicated, especially for those world leaders attempting to link their faces and reputations to such a principle.  To be clear, I favor free speech.  But the problem is that most of them don’t.  Mahmoud Abbas represses the Palestinian media.  He harrasses and arrests troublesome journalists on a regular basis.  Often because they expose inconvenient truths about the PA.  Among them, the rampant cronyism and corruption that prevails.

And Bibi? Don’t get me started.  I’ve chronicled for years here the erosion of traditional values like free speech and press freedom in Israel.  For example, Bibi’s destruction of independent Channel 10, his fiercest critic, by driving it into insolvency.  As for freedom of the press, Bibi doesn’t have Abbas’ worries on that score since he has a wealthy patron who has bought the presses for him.  Sheldon Adelson, as I’ve recounted here, sinks $40-million every year into Yisrael HaYom (aka Bibiton) which is Israel’s most popular newspaper (in large part because it’s free).

Adelson sank $200 million into failed election bid of Mitt Romney in 2012

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