The folks over at Power Line must be eating too much Gulf Shrimp, because Dartmouth called and they want their degrees back. Or, to take another stab at it, “hey, Hinderaker, your cranium called and it has some spaces to rent.”

It’s hard to believe the garbage that place spews. The other Ivies have their share of problem alumni, but Dartmouth takes the cake. It’s like their most popular major is in Scam-Artistry.

Of course, even with their fine Dartmouth educations, it’s actually easier to scam these guys than to be scammed by them.

It’s true what Ezra Klein says: the reason the Anger Translator bit at Nerdprom was so funny was because it wasn’t actually a joke. The president really does think that the media (Ebola!) are sensationalist and that Fox News considers it its mission to “terrify old white people with some nonsense!” He really does think Dick Cheney was the worst “president” of his lifetime. He really does think that climate science denialism is an outrage that threatens the wellbeing of our children.

Also, for Hinderaker’s benefit, the reference to senators throwing snowballs in the well of the Senate? It’s a reference to Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, and it really happened.