Isn’t it ironic that the federal government distributes food stamps to 46 million people while at the same time discourages national park visitors from feeding the animals?


Well, don’t tell that to the Oklahoma Republican Party because they think this is the height of irony. After all, as they helpfully explain, the National Park Service doesn’t want you to feed the animals because they “will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

Let’s set aside for a moment that there’s a suggestion here that human nature and animal nature have something in common, which isn’t the case obviously since God created not Adam and Steve, but Adam and Eve. I know for certain that the Oklahoma GOP doesn’t want to suggest that there is any merit to the theory of evolution.

Here’s what I’d like to talk about. If we have 46 million people in need of some level of food assistance, maybe there might be a bit of a problem with the worldview that people will be able to fend for themselves if only liberals don’t give them handouts.

I’m just saying.

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