… and here’s an Early Primer on What they have Planned for the Democratic Convention.

The March on DNC is being organized by four groups who support Bernie Sanders, but more importantly support the values and principles upon which he has based his political career and upon which he has campaigned.

The four main groups who have done the heavy lifting to bring this about are:

Black Men for Bernie
Bernie or Bust
The Berners [website under construction]
The Movement4Bernie

These folks already have obtained permits from the City of Philadelphia for the use of several parks for all 4 days of the Convention, permits that they have agreed to share with the Sanders’ campaign when Bernie’s people reached out to them. All of these groups have different agendas and motivations and ideas on how to go forward in supporting Bernie, but on one thing they stand united: the right of Bernie supporters to peacefully rally, petition the DNC, support and celebrate Bernie and the political revolution his candidacy inspired at the Democratic National Convention in July in Philly.

The media has taken a sudden interest in their planned activities in the wake of the Nevada debacle and the “penchant for violence” big lie that the DNC and the Hillary campaign (and David Brock’s paid trolls) have rabidly promoted in the already biased corporate media and online. The organizers of the March of the DNC, however, made it very clear in the following video of their press conference (held on Wednesday last week) that they are committed to peaceful non-violence, or in the words of one of the spokes people, Billy Taylor, showing love for Bernie in the City of Brotherly Love:

Here’s how the local media covered that event and the planned rallies and marches:


The group of Sanders supporters who gathered outside City Hall Wednesday promised to remain peaceful, but said they expect to rally at the plaza outside the Municipal Services Building in Center City.

The group is still holding out hope Sanders will be the party’s standard-bearer. Bruce Carter of Black Men for Bernie says Sanders is the only candidate he can believe in.

“I’m 100 percent Bernie-or-bust in the general election,” Carter said. “Our goal is to register every black male over 18 that can vote so they will have a voice in the general election regardless of who has the nomination.”

CBS # Philly


Four pro-Bernie Sanders rallies, with estimated attendance of 38,000 activists, have been approved for public demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention in July, the city said Thursday. […]

For the largest of the four pro-Sanders rallies approved, more than 30,000 people are expected to attend weeklong demonstrations called “March for Bernie at DNC,” which will be held at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. It’s within earshot of where conventioneers will gather at the Wells Fargo Center to nominate their party’s presidential nominee.

The rally has been approved for five straight days, starting July 24 and ending July 28. The permit from the city also allows activists to gather each day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The “public assemblage,” as the city technically describes demonstrations, could evolve from rally into protest depending on what happens during delegate voting inside the convention.

More importantly, here’s a copy of their press release from their official Facebook Page:

Are you frustrated with the DNC? Has your vote been tossed? Your voice been suppressed? Have you felt silenced by the establishment?

We are organizing to stand together and support Bernie, sway the delegates and super delegates to our side, and ensure the DNC is aware that with out Bernie our vote won’t be with the Democratic Party in November. We have put forth a call to action. We will be peacefully demonstrating at the Democratic National Convention to threaten mass deregistration if the Democratic Establishment continues their election fraud tactics to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. After voter suppression, dirty politics, and smear campaigns, we will be loud in clear in our message to the establishment: We The People have the power and we vote Bernie.

Our mission is to organize more marches across the country in the same way we did in January, only this time, bigger.

We’ve got time to organize and promote these events. With this amount of time on our hands, we should be able to blow this up bigger than any Bernie event so far.

We want a YUGE demonstration/march at the convention in Philly as well as YUGE solidarity marches across the country to send a clear message to the establishment: WE. WILL. BE. HEARD.

The details are still being worked out, but PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE.


We want to make this historical. We need to show the DNC and the rest of the establishment that we are NOT going to stay silent. We the PEOPLE decide this election, NOT super-delegates. We are most likely going into the convention close to a tie with no one securing the delegates needed to win the nomination before that. That means it’s OUR job to be LOUD and CLEAR that we are for BERNIE SANDERS and that they need to vote with US.

You can RSVP at our event here if you will be in Philly, or you can RSVP at one of the many other facebook events created by other passionate organizers!

Please SHARE far and wide! We want this to be as YUGE as possible! Use ‪#‎MarchOnDNC‬ to share your thoughts/events!

Events planned so far:

#MarchOnDNC – Philly Event by Billy Taylor – March4Bernie

#MarchOnDNC – Philly Event by Steve Okan Layne – Day 1

#MarchOnDNC – Chicago

#MarchOnDNC – Los Angeles by MarchOnDNC-LA

#MarchOnDNC – Philly Event Day 4

#‎MarchForBernie‬ Against The DNC – SLC – July 24

Deregistration To Save The Nation – by Jimmy Perry

Million Berners March – July 26 & 27 – Black Men 4 Bernie

Full list if events leading up to the convention, as well as during the convention, is found here: Link

Here is their GoFundMe page: March on the DNC!

Need a ride? They have that covered with their ride share program

And rally buses to bring people in for the all Monday July 25th march/rally.

Need a place to stay? Check these out:

Bernie BnB

More important information will be coming soon (including information on coordinating with the campaign’s events, details on non-violence training, water and medic stations, and much much more, so stay tuned! In the meantime please share this post and the The March on DNC website page on all of your favorite social media platforms.

For myself, I am determined to be there, no matter what. I hope to meet many of you there as well as we share in this demonstration of what real democracy is supposed to look like.

Thanks for you time,

Steven D

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