After last Tuesday, when the results started to come in and leaving very little doubt that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic nominee for president, (in fact we all knew several weeks ago that Clinton was going to be the nominee), there was Bernie Sanders in California, still talking about how he was magically still going to stay in the race until every last vote was counted. Even when Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and others announced that they were going to back Hillary, there was Sanders, still in denial, back home for a brief visit think things over. Then Thursday, he met with Obama for about an hour, then stuck his nose in front of the microphones and still stated he wasn’t going anywhere.
Now you would have thought by now, Sanders would have gotten the hint, and done the honorable thing by dropping out and supporting Hillary, but Bernie, still being egged on by his massive ego, is still finger pointing in DC, still trying to convince himself that he is still relevant.

Back in 2008, when Hillary Clinton was in the same position that Sanders finds himself in, she made the hard choice to get out even though she was a lot closer to Obama in terms of both delegates and votes, then Sanders is now. Hillary ended up standing besides Obama, endorsed him and helped him get elected. She didn’t have the ego that Sanders has now.

There are indications that after the DC vote on Tuesday, Bernie will finally throw in the towel, and admit defeat, but I have no confidence that it will happen. You have surrogates like Nina Turner vowing to fight on all the way to the convention.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders is going to have to show me, and a whole lot of other people to say Hillary is the nominee, and I wholeheartedly endorse her. No strings attached, no having control on what happens at the convention, no getting rid of people he doesn’t like, and no demands that he knows won’t happen. The main thing now is to beat Donald Trump in November and Sanders says he will make sure that happens

The spotlight is on Bernie to come to his senses and do the right thing. If next Wednesday, both Bernie and Hillary are on the same stage, and Bernie endorses Hillary, the he’ll join the band and help Hillary when he can to defeat Trump. If that doesn’t happen, then Bernie is his own worst enemy, and the Democrats should cut all ties with him. The choice is up to him.

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