Now that I’ve got your attention…I ain’t lying.

Not exactly, anyway.

The Google News page chooses and presents an aggregation of major mass media stories. That’s its supposed job. Its other job, of course, is to maintain the status quo because…well, because Google is an important part the current status quo, of course. It’s all a big, happy corporate family. We don’t want to rock the boat when the money is flowing in so well, now do we?

Further, the mass media is…as far as I am concerned…completely run by the Permanent Government through tactics first applied by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird in the ’50s and ’60s and polished to near perfection in the interim. Bought-and-sold executives control what the journalists write. In easy times they do not do any more of this than is necessary to maintain the media company’s brand, but when push begins to go to shove, when things begin to get…complicated, as they did during the run-up to Butch II’s Iraq War…the truth of the matter becomes apparent.

All hands on deck!!!

We are under attack!!!

Do your duty or we will have your ass on a platter!!!

And of course the journalist jackasses whose own asses are potentially fireable will hew to the company line. Why? Mortgages, tuition for their kids, retirement, health insurance, luxury cars…you know…the good ol’, middle class/upper middle class American leash.

Well…the PermaGov appears to consider itself to be under attack once again. Serious attack.

By Donald Trump.

The last two weeks Google News has been literally inundated by anti-Trump stories of every stripe imaginable. He’s a Dem plant; he’s only running to build up his brand; he can be bought off; he never meant to win; his organizational skills are nonexistent; he summarily fired his loyal friend and campaign manager; his other manager is a long-time mouthpiece for fascist regimes and murderous tyrants of all kinds; he’s a batshit crazy egomaniac and stupid too, etc. All at least arguably true, but… during the same time there have been almost no stories about the possibility that he might win, about the weaknesses of HRC’s position and so on.



So today I go to Google News and what do I find?

I find story after story about how HRC is only seriously considering three VP candidates…two people most Americans wouldn’t recognize if they knocked on the door and introduced themselves:

And Elizabeth Warren.


This is either a run-Warren-up-the-flagpole-to-see-how-many-people-salute act…using bought and sold polls as the counters, of course…or the beginning of a phased-in introduction to the (truly radical to many voters) idea that two females (NOT JUST ONE???!!!) are about to rule the country.

Provided that they can get elected, of course.

Not only that, one of them is the best possible antidote to Trump’s main attack plan regarding Hillary Clinton,…that she’s in Wall Street’s pocket…and simultaneously the best possible magnet that can be used to draw in voters from the dissatisfied Sanders wing of the DemRat base. And…she speaks with passion, something that HRC totally lacks, especially when compared to D. Trump.

Duh twice!!! Three times, even!!!

Will this work?

I suspect it will. I think that Trump has been outhunk and outmaneuvered this time.

We shall see, soon enough.



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