Mino highlighted a great piece.  I noted in a comment that there is a lot of last days thinking, and that was infecting politics and is a result for the bitterness we see.

Booman quoted an article saying something to the effect that a Trump win would be the end of democracy in America.

Which is absolute nonsense.  

So David French writes:

Ponder American exceptionalism for long, and you’ll be drawn to a remarkable paradox: We’re exceptional in large part because the Founders realized that we’re normal. Our nation is full of human beings who possess the same will to power and temptations to dominate as have existed in every society that ever existed. So Hamilton as his colleagues made the exceptional decision to limit and diffuse governmental authority, an act that to this day helps make — and keep — America great. When, barring any shocking developments, Hillary Clinton is sworn in on January 20, 2017, she’ll take the oath of office with the knowledge that her actions will be judged by voters in less than two years. Absent a truly historic electoral rout, she won’t have a free hand to implement her agenda for even one day of the first half of her first term, and if the mid-terms go badly for her, her freedom will be further limited. That just isn’t the recipe for an extinction-level constitutional event.

Replace Clinton with Trump and he is still right.

At some point some sense of reason has to return, some sense that the republic isn’t about to collapse.

When that happens it may be possible to actually come together as a country in a far less acerbic
 way. This will effect the GOP the most: The Tea Party breathes off the this stuff.

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