Trump’s consigliere, Guiliani, disclosed the intent of the EO that Trump is proudly trumpeting.  The HillGiuliani: Trump asked me how to do a Muslim ban ‘legally’.

As a ban on Muslim’s it seems to fall very, very short.  By country, it doesn’t even include the largest Muslim populations.  Which are Indonesia (205 million), Pakistan (175 million),  India (174 million), and  Bangladesh (146 milion).  The number in Egypt, Iran, and Turkey are all about 75 million.

The “watch list” was more targeted.  i.e. British Muslim convert Yusef/Cat Stevens was denied entry to the US in 2004.

What Rudy/Trump pulled out was something old with a slight twist, but it’s the old part that continues to get ignored.

Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

2015-16Legislation and later DHS implementation change that US visas are required for those traveling to or from or holding passports from: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Almost the exact same list from 2001 and 2015.  Only Lebanon dropped and Yemen added.  Wonder why?   Gee, what do these countries have in common?

2017 Trump’s list (not named but referenced from the 2015/16 legislation/implementation): Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.

To Catch a Terrorist – is what the public is told as the reason for the list.  So, exactly what would this list have possibly prevented?  History is not on the side of the most recent three US Presidents  Based on country of origin of known and/or suspected Muslim related attacks on US soil and/or citizens:

1993 WTC
Pakistani via Kuwait – 1
West Bank – 1
Egypt – 1
Egypt – 1 (convicted inspiration)
Pakistan – 1 – KSM alleged/claimed mastermind
1998 Embassy bombings – Kenya and Tanzania
Primarily Egyptian nationals. Others included a Libyan,  Sudanese and Lebanese.  Planning and direction from  Sudan?
1999-2000 Millennium plots
(Indian Airlines Flight 814 – not directed at the US
5 persons alleged to be linked to Pakistani AQ affiliate)

LAX bombing – thwarted
Algeria – 1 (living in Canada)

USS – The Sullivans failed (attack boat sank) AQ operating out of Yemen

USS Cole – bombing
Suspected AQ terrorist – unidentified
Yemen – 1 – alleged “mastermind”
US citizen – 1 – alleged and  of Yemeni ancestry
9/11 attacks:
Egypt – 1
KSA – 14
UAE – 2
Lebanon – 1
(France/Algeria – 1 detained before 9/11)
2001 Shoe Bomber-thwarted
UK – 1
2002 – LAX shooting
Egypt – 1
2003 – Lackawanna Six – no attack
Listed as Yemeni-American (spring 2001 traveled to Afghan training camp); as US born, most, if not all, were born and the US and may have held US passports.
2009 Fort Hood Shooting
US – 1 – parents from the West Bank
2009 Underwear bomber – thwarted
Nigeria – 1
2010 Times Square NYC bomb – failed
US – 1 (naturalized citizen 2009, born in Pakistan, previously US Visa student)
2013 Boston bombing
Chechen/Avar – 2 – born  Kyrgyzstan and Kalmyk.  Lived in Dagestan before US.  One naturalized US citizen in 2012.
2015 San Bernardino shooting
US – 1 — Pakistani parents (traveled to KSA)
Pakistan – 1 – (raised in KSA)
2016 – Orlando nightclub shooting
US – 1 – Afghan parents (traveled twice to KSA and once UAE)

The Score:
Iran: 0
Iraq: 0
Libya: 1 (known)
Syria: 0
Somalia: 0  (including pirate terrorists there would be many)
Sudan: 1
Yemen: several alleged

Any Trumpsters, along with Trump himself, now going, “F**k yeah, Trump is the man that’s banning Muslims,” are falling for BS propaganda.  Not to discount the real difficulties for individuals caught in the trap of this EO, it’s not about banning Muslims.  It’s a piece of the continuing US wars on these seven countries.  Wars that aren’t exactly and officially recognized as such.  (Hell, not even liberals/Democrats acknowledge US participation in training and supplying the headchoppers in Syria.)

The Guardian, Januarry 29, 2017 – US commando dies in Yemen raid as Trump counter-terror plans take shape

One elite US commando is dead and three wounded after a Yemen raid that Donald Trump’s Pentagon is signalling will be a template for aggressive counter-terrorism action.

The US has been without a governmental partner in Yemen since a 2015 coup by the Houthi movement overthrew a US-backed administration. The US under both Barack Obama and Trump has supported a bloody Saudi-led air war to oust the Houthis.

Where are the US humanitarian protests in response to Yemen’s Children Starve as War Drags On?  (Note: the report date is January 2, 2017 and this was after multiple reports of starvation in Yemen from last October.)      

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