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No sugarcoating from her (former) 27 EU colleagues. Time has run out. To save her party, May’s destroying Great Britain and looking into the abyss …

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Theresa May in denial after her Salzburg ordeal | The Guardian Opinion |

If it hadn’t all been so numbingly inevitable, it might have been possible to feel sorry for Theresa May. Back in the UK, both remainers and leavers had pronounced her Chequers’ proposals to be dead in the water, but the prime minister had still travelled to the informal EU summit in Salzburg hoping for a stay of execution. A few luke-warm words and some insincere air kisses at the very least, until after she had survived the Conservative party conference. Her current range of vision really is that limited.

Instead she got a lesson in plain-speaking brutality. No attempts to sugar the pill, as EU leader after leader took it in turns to dismiss Chequers and to mock the UK over its lack of progress in its Brexit preparations. Even the Dutch thought they were better prepared for a no-deal Brexit than us.

Moments after being given the bad news in person, May had to face the UK media. The room in which the press conference was held was small and airless, but the prime minister was already sweaty when she walked in. More than that, she looked angry and terrified. Alone and out of her depth, her eyes darting across the room, searching for one friendly face. There wasn’t one. There hadn’t been one in the two days she had been in Austria.

Theresa May’s Salzburg humiliation confirms that a full blown political crisis is coming | The Independent |

Theresa May’s problem is that she is fundamentally a decent, functional human being. She is not struck down with the Messiah complex. She does not lie easily or well.

So when she stands on stage at a press conference, her teeth gnashing, her eyes wide and wild, as if everything has gone utterly terribly wrong and she hasn’t got the first clue what she is going to do about it, then you can be absolutely sure it’s because everything has indeed gone utterly terribly wrong, and she hasn’t got the first clue what she is going to do about it.

She had been humiliated, and then she was forced to humiliate herself. She had thought this informal summit of EU leaders in Salzburg would be the final breakthrough on an exit deal from the European Union.

Theresa Might’s Salzburg humiliation confirms a full blown political disaster is coming

That white paper is the one which set out how a frictionless border might be maintained on the island of Eire, without Northern Eire remaining within the customs union. She had gone to Salzburg on this recommendation, the place she came upon, within the full glare of the general public, highlighted in the end her predicament.

It was unnervingly near a full-on public meltdown. It was, at moments, Kafkaesque.

It is the EU’s turn to compromise on Brexit, says Dominic Raab | The Guardian – 2 days ago |

So anything Theresa May and Dominic Raab learn today? The EU nations are more united than before the Brexit referendum and the British from the outset were a distant second as a working negotiating team. With taking full responsibility herself, PM May will face the music at the coming Conservative Party Conference. What has she to show for her effort?

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