On Booman’s recent Casual Observation post (<http://www.boomantribune.com/story/2018/10/14/121448/36>), astamari316 noted that:

With all due respect, the modern Democratic Party is obviously completely different from the original and has been for more than 50 years.

That got me to thinking, and y’all should know by now how dangerous that act can be in today’s UniPartisan culture.

Nevertheless…in honor of Elizabeth Warren…I persisted.

Please read on for more.
Astamari316  wrote:

With all due respect, the modern Democratic Party is obviously completely different from the original and has been for more than 50 years.



It has also been different from FDR’s Democratic Party for 50 years.

Longer, actually.

WWII and the rise of the Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex changed everything in U.S. politics, yet so many contemporary Dems seem not to realize that simple fact. FDR’s policies so seriously threatened the corporate world of his day that corporate interests tried to gin up a military coup to unseat him.


At least after the oh-so-messy assassination/riot years?

Now they simply buy their senators, representatives and presidents without any unnecessary partisan fuss, and effectively non-person any possible challengers to their dominance by the use of the equally bought-and-sold mass media.

And yet…many good Dems among us seem to not be able to understand both the prevalence and the success of such mechanisms.

Clinton I and Obama were owned. So were their opponents, and so has been every Republican and Democratic presidential candidate in every election since JFK, MLK and RFK were assassinated. Until the rise of social media, it was absolutely impossible for a major candidate for national office on any level to raise enough non-corporate money to be able to wage a successful campaign, and those that came close to being able to do so were very effectively closed down by the media. Trump…execrable soul though he certainly is and with the quite possible help of forces hostile to the U.S…was the first politician to successfully break that corporate stranglehold on national politics since the assassination/riot years. The result? An astonishing, almost universal media resistance throughout about 90% of the major media since he first poked his head above ground, announced that he was going to kick everybody’s asses and then proceeded to do so.

But that media resistance has failed!!!



Because of Trump’s appeal…direct appeal by sensationalistic manipulation of a greedy media and the use/manipulation of social media…to voters who felt that both parties had screwed them.

The result?

A Twitter presidency, seemingly almost impervious to resistance from both the established media and the UniParty Federal government establishment.

Will this state of affairs continue?

We shall see in about three weeks.

My bet, right now?

Not enough of a blue wave to do much more than demolish a few of the Trumpian sand castles closest to the shoreline.

I would love to be wrong.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this election end in a wash.



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