It can happen here (


“It” has happened here.


Only largely in a more…sotto voce…manner than the early fascists.

“It” started happening during the assassination years/long coup years.

Not so sotto voce.


Then it settled into a quieter, more duopolistic groove.

Two parties/two faces of the same Permanent War Security State, enforced as much by the Manufacture of Consent major media as by anything else.

That media enforcement agency’s effectiveness has been rocked to its core over the last few years by the Information Revolution. Trump was the first beneficiary of this sea change…the first Twitter president. But Twitter and its like…as well as the Trump/Republican media subsidiaries like Fox News and those Republicans who really backed him (as opposed to those who simply went along thinking that he could be contained and controlled from the center)…is a stupidity-necessary system.

It’s like WWE.

Only the truly stupid really get off on it.

The question is…

What genetically mandated percentage of the population is really that stupid?

My guess?

Less than 30%.

The rest?

The other 70+%…sometimes referred to as “The Supermajority?”

They’re wondering how the fuck to get out of this pickle alive with at least a fairly well-functioning government.

Stay tuned.

One of the Dem candidates is going to light a fire under that supermajority. Bet on it.  I’m not sure which one yet…I’m really not…nor am I sure exactly how the tinder will be set aflame, but…watch.

History ain’t through with us yet.

Bet on that as well.

Too many truth-tellers suddenly out there…now with a platform!!!

And the media…already seriously challenged financially by the digital age…can no longer afford to ignore them!!!



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