Greetings photography enthusiasts. It’s Friday, and I am still trying this as a weekly feature. This photo is for the car enthusiasts among us.

Please note that this is a reboot of a series that went to seed a few years ago. I know that there are some photo hobbyists like me who post here already. As always, I am hoping to incite a bit more “community behavior” in our community blog. AndiF and BobX used to curate the old foto flog. Others contributed quite regularly. Folks like Hurria, JimF, KNUCKLEHEAD, dada, olivia, ask, tampopo, Man Eegee, and a whole host of others posted photos at one time or another. I am sure I have missed someone in that list.

I don’t use anything especially fancy. My Samsung Galaxy S6 finally died after a very long life. I had it for a fairly long time. Currently, I am using an LG ThinQ40. It has some nifty features that I am still playing around with. One of my offspring has commandeered my old 35mm film camera, so I don’t get to use that one very often. At over 30 years, finding replacement parts when something goes bad on it gets to be a bit tricky. That’s another story for another day.

Some of our regulars have actual professional equipment, and before Photobucket turned into such a drag, we were graced by some absolutely stunning landscape shots, close-ups of flowers and insects, and some abstract photography. I’ve often marveled at the creativity of the folks who have meandered in and out of this community over the years. I use flickr to host my photos for the time being, although given some changes at flickr, that may soon end. I have tried out imgur as well. So far, so good.

Consider this series as a homage to its predecessor, and dedicated to the spirit of its ancestors. Enjoy.

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