Here’s Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt begging Democrats to solve his party’s self-made immigration crisis:

Where to start?

First of all, the Republican Party is not only today led by an unrepentant liar, it has a long history of lying for partisan gain. So anything Roy says needs to be taken with a grain or 5,000 of salt.

Second, this crisis is entirely created by the Trump administration. It is 100% the fault of President Donald Trump and the supine GOP.

Third, make no mistake: Blunt is trying to get the Democrats to solve his problem. That’s why he’s appealing to Congress, controlled by Democrats and operating typically on a simple majority.

Fourth, we already know what happens when Democrats clean up Republican messes. Not only does the public assign ownership of the mess to the Democrats, the Republicans just sit by the sidelines, fling poo, and obstruct and effort to fix things. That is what they did when Obama tried to clean up the Republicans’ global economic collapse. That is what they did when Obama tried to wind down the Republicans’ war in Iraq. That’s what they did when he tried to establish a decent health care system for Americans. Here’s Mitch McConnell, admitting as much.

So knowing all of this -that Republicans lie, that Republicans created the crisis at the border, and that Democrats not only won’t get any credit for fixing the GOPs problem, they’ll be attacked BY THE GOP for helping them- I see absolutely no reason at all for Nancy Pelosi or any Democrat to lift a finger on behalf of the Republicans’ self-inflicted wound.

I seem to remember something about “boot straps” and “personal responsibility” from the GOP recently. Perhaps they should fix their own problem.

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