Image: Doug Mills, NYT

Twitter is generally a sewer that brings out the worst in people, including me (especially including me). But sometimes it yields some gems.

Let me say up front that I have never met Chris Caesar nor have I listened to This Awful Podcast, which he hosts. I do not know Chris Caesar from Adam, but good God I’d like to buy him lunch today. Caesar, you see, seems to have gotten his hands on the cellphone number belonging to America’s Mayor, Rudy 911. In fact, he confirmed for me in a personal message received seconds before I typed these words. And boy oh boy, did he pull off a good, very juvenile prank.

Make sure you click the link and read to the end.

It’s been a rough week for the world, and it’s only going to get worse moving forward. Sometimes you need something this… this brilliantly stupid for respite. And now back to your regularly scheduled death, destruction, mayhem, and societal decline.

UPDATE: I have since learned that it’s Talia Lavin, who is also hilarious, that started pranking Giuliani. She gives right wingers fits and is a great follow. Sorry for getting that one wrong.

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