This is just garbage from the Sanders campaign:

You might think it’s not too big of an ask to see comprehensive medical records from Sen. Bernie Sanders, the 78-year-old potential president who suffered from a heart attack just months ago, especially as he promised “full disclosure” of his medical history in an interview last year.

But, not only has he failed to fulfill that promise so far, his campaign team is now condemning people for requesting that information—and appearing to invent medical problems for rival Democratic candidates.

In an interview with CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning, the campaign’s national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, compared requests for Sanders’ full medical records to the birtherism attacks volleyed at former President Barack Obama. She also claimed that fellow candidate Mike Bloomberg has suffered from “heart attacks” in the past—although she later said in a tweet that she “misspoke” after it was pointed out that there was no evidence for that.

In truth, Bloomberg had a stent placed in 2000 to treat a blocked artery, but he’s never had a full-on heart attack. Polling consistently shows that people worry about the health of presidential candidates and express concern about elderly candidates for this reason. Anyone with a preexisting condition like heart disease is obviously going to magnify this factor for the electorate. In 1992, Paul Tsongas assured everyone that he was cancer free and he took an early lead in the primaries. He died of cancer on January 17, 1997, near the end of what could have been his first term in office. I have no indication that Tsongas was lying about his health in 1992, but people had a right to consider his medical history when they judged his suitability for the highest office.

If Sanders thought releasing his full medical records would ease people’s mind, he’d release them. Therefore, one can only conclude that he believes releasing them now could hurt him politically and stall his momentum.

That’s his call, ultimately, and he’s going to take a hit either way. But to suggest that people who want full disclosure are akin to Birthers is inexcusable and repellant.

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