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I have been running into a few technical difficulties. Right now just attributing to user error.

In the meantime, I am finding comfort in somewhat quirky early 1970s progressive rock. And I do mean quirky. Most people think prog rock and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer or Yes spring to mind. For me, it might be Eno or Krafwerk.

Here is the title track to Eno’s first solo LP, “Here Come the Warm Jets”:

And here’s Krafwerk at their very beginning:

This was well before Kraftwerk did a complete image overhaul and began to add a very healthy dose of eurodisco into their sound.

Finally, something a bit more chill – let’s go back to Eno. This is “Becalmed” from 1975:

The drinks are on the house. If I ever get the video posting in the comments thing figured out, I’ll start doing that again.

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