In his nominating acceptance speech on Thursday night, Joe Biden was wise to cast the election as a choice between someone who can get control of the COVID-19 viral outbreak and someone who obviously cannot. Of course, we have no proof that a Biden administration can return our lives to something approaching normal, but we already know that Trump is prolonging and exacerbating our misery. Most of this argument has already been made for the American people, so it’s not particularly heavy lifting to make it work politically.

Biden emphasized, correctly, that we have to control COVID-19 before we can get people fully back to work, but we’re going to need to do more. We’re going to need a lot of big infrastructure projects and investments in the green economy. The government is going to have create work, whether directly or indirectly, to help compensate for all the carnage to the job market. This was done during the Great Depression, and we need a 21st-Century version to deal with our current situation.

Biden’s main initial focus with therefore be the virus and employment, and this is precisely what the American people want. If they accept the linkage between the two, then any residual advantage Trump may have on the economy will vanish. It’s not that common for the politics to line up so neatly with what needs to be done and what people desperately want. As schools fail to reopen, or reopen only to quickly close, the people’s sense of disruption and discomfort is only going to rise. Biden has the message for the moment.

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