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We made it to another Wednesday. How are you? The snow finally melted where I live. As we remember, the Arctic air mass got drunk last week and somehow passed out in the southern and southeastern portions of the US. Thankfully it finished its walk of shame back up north, where it can stay.

Let’s have some music. This is a piece by Pharoah Sanders (an Arkansas native) performed about four decades ago. I find it quite tranquil:

I’ll also add a Marion Brown track I was surprised to find, as it is on ECM, whose catalog YouTube usually keeps hidden tightly behind a subscription paywall. This goes along with my theme of experimental music and what are sometimes called “little instruments” or “found sounds”. This one also includes plenty of traditional instrumentation, albeit without a particularly conventional sound.

The bar is open, and the jukebox is infinite. Have a drink, and if you wish to talk, I’ll check on in from time to time.


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