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One of the big hits from the monster REM LP Monster:

True story: I and my then fiancée got tickets for REM’s Monster tour. They were in our area the summer we were going to leave SoCal. Sonic Youth was the opening act. For me it would have been an evening of heaven. SY doing their experimental thing that was their trademark and REM dabbling a bit in SY’s territory. Bill Berry had an aneurism and the gig got cancelled. Thankfully, he recovered and was able to go back to performing a few months later. By the time that gig was rescheduled, we’d be long gone with no hope of coming back. Requesting the refund for those tickets was painful. It would have been great and we’d have had a great time. She’d have put up with my Sonic Youth thing and my admiration of REM’s then-latest LP, and she would have been treated to a few of REM’s earlier hits. Win-win, had it have been possible. Not to be. Life happens.

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